The magazine, the insert, the newsletter – vehicles for journalistic content

Panta Rhei has been journalistically active in publishing from the word go. Storytelling in the classical sense, meaning narratives that touch and move people, sparks interest. At Panta Rhei, we research suitable content for you that will grip, surprise and attract attention. We look for the story behind the story. And time after time we find new angles that are unexpected in that context. We get everything into the right shape – in words, pictures and films.

  • Magazines, printed and on-line
  • Newspaper inserts
  • Newsletters, in print and electronic

Image tools with solid footings: company reports, brochures and sustainability reports

We apply your overriding objectives for your brand, your organisation or your company to the appropriate format. Company reports can be much more than a compulsory exercise, while sustainability reports are important instruments for reputation management. They have to be credible, honest and sophisticated in form. Together with you, we illuminate advantages and disadvantages, let stakeholders and critics have their say and create vehicles for communication that draw attention and stimulate inquiry. We present your products and objectives in brochures that attract readers.

  • Company reports
  • Sustainability reports
  • Brochures

The book, the mobile website, the e-book – narrative platforms of the future

In today’s world, information is transmitted at ever increasing speeds. Those who aim to convey a message of enduring value have to come up with bright ideas. One effective option is to publish a book, be it in printed or electronic form.
Panta Rhei has been making books of every shape and form for as long as it has existed. We have a thorough understanding of the process – from conceptual blueprint and authoring through to the finished product and distribution. In practical terms this means we know how to ensure the book reaches the right audience. And we also know how it can be linked to digital media to create an interactive platform – through e-books, mobile websites, apps or virtual reality and games.

  • Anniversary books
  • Coffee-table books
  • Specialist books
  • E-books or mobile websites
  • Apps and games