«Reto (Wilhelm) identifies so thoroughly with our business and the tasks he is entrusted with, that it feels more like I am working with a long-standing and faithful employee rather than a business partner.»

Andrea Scherz, Gstaad Palace, Owner/General Manager 
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«Storytelling is the business card of our organisation. It demands professionalism, competence and entrepreneurial responsibility. With Panta Rhei we found a partner that has skilfully supported us in this respect during the implementation of our new segmentation strategy, while taking into account our focus on multi-media and international distribution.»

Nicole Diermeier, Switzerland Tourism, Head of Marketing/Productions
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«We have been closely and successfully working with Panta Rhei for some time. We value this partnership very highly, on all levels and in every respect. Particular mention should be made of their solution-driven approach to challenges as well as their visionary ideas regarding new business opportunities, which they provide thanks to a unique network and extensive expertise. Time and again, we are also favourably surprised by the high degree of professionalism at Panta Rhei, their drive for success, as well as the zeal and enthusiasm they have demonstrated for the Rhaetian Railway throughout our collaboration. As a client, we hugely benefit from the customer focus that Reto Wilhelm and his team demonstrate around the clock in such a cordial manner.»

Piotr Caviezel, Rhaetian Railway, Head of Marketing & Sales, Member of the Board
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«At Zurich Tourism, we set the bar very high when it comes to storytelling. Panta Rhei always manages to meet these standards with ease – because the agency has a good nose for current issues and can rely on a vast experience in tourism marketing. This enables them to create rounded, multi-media stories, be it for our magazines, our media relations or the positioning of our convention bureau.»

Martin Sturzenegger, Zurich Tourism, Director
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«For me, Panta Rhei signifies customer service par excellence. I particularly appreciate the high degree of creativity and emotional engagement they demonstrate for our mandate. Utmost professionalism and expertise are a matter of course for them. The staff at Panta Rhei don’t see their work just as a job, they see it as a calling. That makes a crucial difference, time after time, and I have relied on it for many years.»

Meike Bambach, Meike Bambach, Director, Club Privé «Il Paradis» Ftan
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«Sensitive, fresh, witty and innovative – that is how I invariably experience my collaboration with Dr Reto Wilhelm. His texts are always carefully researched and edited – and always ahead of the times!»

Stefanie Bertoneri Amrein, Abercrombie & Kent Europe, former Director of Sales

«The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) has successfully worked with Panta Rhei for several years to make its services and innovative strength accessible to a wide audience within the German-speaking market. The team possesses significant strategic expertise in the field of education and research communication and, thanks to its excellent contacts, always finds creative ways and means to achieve an objective.»

Michel Rochat, EHL Group, CEO
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«The collaboration with Reto Wilhelm and his team is simply a joy. It is always professional, efficient and inspiring. They take a multidisciplinary approach and always consider things from the client’s point of view.»

Michelle Kranz, Liechtenstein Marketing, Managing Director
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«The challenges facing professional communication and therefore the occupational profile of communication experts are subject to rapid change. Thanks to Panta Rhei’s professional perspective we have developed new methods for team collaboration – this means we are now well-equipped and ready for the challenges ahead.»

Hans-Peter Nehmer, Allianz Suisse, Head of Corporate Communications
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«What connects us is much more than a partnership, it’s a friendship. Reto and I have been working together for almost fifteen years – our approach is inspired, playful and extremely ambitious at all times.»

Sonja Studer, responsible for the design and conception of this site
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«Panta Rhei – competent, unbureaucratic and flexible. That’s why I enjoy working with them.»

Rolf Butz, KV Zürich, Managing Director
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«Media relations thrive on stories. As a holiday destination we have plenty of those. But sometimes you need the outsider’s view to recognise which are the truly exclusive stories and how they should best be edited. With Reto Wilhelm and his team, we can count on comprehensive support in finding and authoring the stories. Furthermore, the agency also identifies the best media through which to publicise them.»

Bruno Huggler, Crans-Montana Tourisme & Congrés, Director
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«With Panta Rhei, we always have a reliable partner at our side – for a stimulating exchange of ideas, focused strategy planning and to resolve everyday communication issues.»

Sandra Emanuel, UZH Alumni, University of Zurich, Managing Director
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