1. Writing well means to think creatively. Seeking dialogue means focusing on the connection. Conjuring up an image means packaging the message inventively. Artful skill with words, sounds and images – it’s all in a days work at Panta Rhei. Interconnected professional communication has been our modus operandi since the agency’s inception. We offer public relations, marketing and advertising from a single source. This doesn’t mean we claim to know everything – working with our clients we learn something new every day. We have a solid grounding in the fields of science, education, tourism, economics, politics and culture. This is where our roots lie, where we excel. That is why most of our clients keep coming back to us, year after year.

    Panta Rhei – owner-managed and actively engaged in the market for twenty-eight years.

    Our clients

  2. Our solutions are always two things: strategically sound and constructively implemented. Panta Rhei provides you with a smart and creative concept, and delivers fast and effective realisation. When it comes to planning, we take the long view – from analysing through to achieving the aim of your campaign. Our approach is interdisciplinary from the outset and consistently convergent. Panta Rhei applied the newsroom method long before newsrooms were all the rage. It enables us to create amusing and gripping stories that address your target audience  – the modern take on storytelling. We enjoy interacting and seeking dialogue, and will make your brand the talk of the town. We know that sustained connections – to decision makers, influencers, journalists and bloggers – require a broad approach and an open mind.

    We are always on the move, across all disciplines.

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  3. Owner-managed for 28 years, Panta Rhei stands for quality and cordiality. Certified with the international quality mark CMS III, we are 13 keen thinkers with backgrounds in writing, publishing, history, tourism, journalism, print design and marketing. We also work hand in hand with the best in design, image, video and programming to form project-specific teams. Our network extends across Germany, Great Britain, France, the Benelux countries, the US and Asia – where we collaborate with selected partners on your behalf. Led by owner Dr. Reto Wilhelm, the company has offices in Zurich, Chur, Glarus and Amriswil.

    Interconnected and with our feet firmly on the ground in four locations.

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